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To achieve our goal, we are targetting to raise a total of $200,000. We will do it in steps.  

Our core team did the first step in private fundraising that raised enough to purchase critical communications equipment. We have also already started our maintenance assistance program to the department of seismology of the Goma Volcano Observatory in collaboration with the Virunga Supersite

Our first public fundraising is to purchase our very first seismic station.  A seismic station is at the heart of any volcano observatory. 

A seismic station consists of:

  • a seismometer

  • a solar energy system (solar panel and battery)  

  • a data acquisition system

  •  a communication modem.


Our advisor on all the seismic equipment is Professor Georges Mavonga, the Head of the Department of Seismology at the Goma Volcano Observatory.

We contact the companies that produce the equipment directly and negotiate the best cost after explaining the unique nature of our campaign.



Depending on few technical choices, a full seismic station costs between $15,000 and $20,000. With your help, we will be  able to raise that amount ($20,000) . Let's go! 

How much shall you contribute? 

It depends on your situation. Here are some suggestions:

Student                      : $25- $100
Young professional  : $100- $500
Mid manager            : $500-$1,000
Executive                   : $1,000-$5,000
Company                   : $1,000-$25,000

Donate operation

How shall you donate? 

(1) US Tax-exempt donation are possible and possible only via the KEO Foundation, our 501 c(3) partner as described in IRS, with EIN: 47-1548788. Click here for US Tax-exempt donation or click on the following button: 

If you do not need US tax-exemption:

2) you can donate via our Facebook Fundraising, which is very appreciated as you can then encourage your friends to become donors too.

3) You can  donate directly via our PayPal account with the following button (this is recommended for donors in South Korea and other countries that do not have access to the Facebook fundraising donation): 

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